Datastream, Week of 10.4.2010

Make Money From Home. If you were paid $1 each time an article was posted on wikipedia, you would command $157 an hour for an annual income of $301,440 — assuming you don’t work overtime!

Junk Pile. 248 billion emails were sent today, and it’s estimated that 98% of them are phone keypad

Money Well Spent. We’ll never know if it was really worth it, but over $500 billion was spent on Y2K. That’s twice the amount of money spent by tourists (both domestic and international) in New York City over the last 11 years— from 1998 through 2009.

Anxiety is the most-searched-for emotion on Wikipedia.

“Homeroom.” The average homeschooled US student scores an 89 in reading and 84 in math, compared to an average public school student– to which the tests are geared– who score an abysmal 50 on both. This might have to do with the fact that 20% of homeschool fathers, and 11.6% of homeschool mothers, have a Masters degree. And if you think that “homeschool takes too much time”, the average homeschool family has 3.5 children, compared to the average public school family with 2 children. (And no, I wasn’t homeschooled).

Constant Contact. By 2010, the number of cell phone subscribers will top 5 billion… equal to the entire world population in 1980.

Hey! Pick up that penny! The US Mint loses $45 million per year in producing pennies (which they do at a rate of 1,000 per second), due to the fact that the nickel in the penny is worth 1.2 cents.

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