Datastream, week of 9.13.2010


Bestseller. Amazon recently announced that they’ve hit a “tipping point” in hardcover book sales. For every 100 hardcover books they sell, package and ship, Amazon is now selling 180 Kindle eBooks.



As the world’s largest eBook seller, Amazon now has Name Your Link available. A staggering 510,000 of those are under $10.

Many suspect that the largest driver of eBook adoption has been the steady price drops on the Kindle, Amazon’s wireless reader. The newest model is only $189, down from the device’s original price at $359. A second model, which doesn’t use cellular tech, is only $139.

It remains to be seen how well the Kindle fares when up against more powerful and exciting new devices like the iPad , but it seems clear that the Kindle eBook format certainly isn’t going anywhere. I’ve also always liked the idea of wireless auto-delivery– and that name pretty much can’t be beat in this industry.

One in four. In other electronic sales news, a research group notes that iTunes now represents one in four of all songs sold in the United States– that includes both physical and digital copies. Of the digital sales, iTunes represents more than 70%. (Amazon’s MP3 store is their next major competitor, at 12%.)

Faster than a hummingbird. Twitter now processes, on average, 600 tweets per second, or enough characters to equal a little over two copies of War and Peace every minute. 16% of new Twitter users start with a mobile version instead of going on the Web– that’s a lot of stiff thumbs!

Now You’re Never Lost. Foursquare announced (way back in July) that they had surpassed one million “check-ins” (where someone posts their exact location to the Web) per day. Foursquare also mentioned in an interview with the LA Times that they are growing by about half a million new users per month.

Never forget. The award-winning (and highly-recommended) elephant-themed Evernote — a note-taking, page-scanning, free organizational app for virtually every device and scenario you can think of — recently hit its four millionth user. As one of the most popular new organization tools, Evernote deserves all the success they can get, but four million customers is an outstanding achievement!


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    Good blog. I got a lot of good data. I?ve been keeping an eye on this technology for awhile. It?s interesting how it keeps shifting, yet some of the core components stay the same.

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