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Welcome to appculture: a celebration of superb software design. Here you’ll find app reviews, iPhone & iPad tips and tricks, (occasional) Mac software news, cool cloud apps from across the Web, and ruminations on the mobile lifestyle.

Appculture explores mobile, Web-based technology and its effects on human culture around the world. We do this primarily by examining superbly-designed and highly-competent technologies deployed on Apple’s iOS (iPhone/iPad) App Store. We do this for five reasons.


In contrast to pure iPhone app review sites, Appculture goes much further, focusing on the “big picture”. We want to know the practices, the ideas, the actions, and the players that will define the future of mobile tech. We want to see how always-on, culture can change us, has changed us, and will change us. We’re really not interested in the news of the day; we’re interested in the events that will matter twenty years from now. I’m a writer and philosopher at heart, a mobile tech enthusiast second, and an Apple-certified ex-Genius third.

Enjoy the site, and please let me know what you think!

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