October Roundup: iPhone Finance, Predictive Twittering, & the Death of Privacy

October’s been a hell of a month here at Appculture. In case you missed it, here are some of the events and ideas you should know about:

Appculture Articles

  • It’s 2010: songs have gotten more depressing, bloggers have become more happy, and, uh, Twitter can now predict the stock market — a couple days early. So… are you ready to put your portfolio in the hands of internet marketers? :) Screen shot 2010-10-25 at 2.07.16 PM.png
  • Location services aren’t as harmless as you might think. People have been threatened, stalked, and burglarized– and that’s only the beginning. Read this for a sobering take on what location services will do to privacy, hierarchy, and even truth in the future.
  • Apple’s not making computers anymore. OK, well, not really– but their newest announcements definitely paint a future of “digital lifestyle appliances”, not “computers”. Will the rest of the world follow suit? Or is this the beginning of the end for Apple’s battle on the desktop?
  • Datastream – What’s the most searched-for emotion? How much was spent on Y2K? How pointless is the US penny? Do homeschooled kids really do better? Find the answers to these and more in October’s datastream. (I’ve decided to stop doing this as a weekly column due to the amount of time it takes to conduct research. If this stuff is interesting to you, I’m happy to continue!)
  • The best iPhone finance tracking apps, reviewed head to head – Pennies, Moneybook, Expenditure, myExpenses, and MyWallet+ run through the Appculture review process. See who emerged as the best app to track your finances with!
  • The Era of Overload is upon us, and the world is changing. Graham Button outlines a couple of provocative points to keep in mind (useful for investors, business leaders, media outlets, and even individual Web users).
  • The US Government wants the ability to decrypt any secure communications–anywhere. They plan to achieve this by forcing “back doors” to be built into all (third-party) encryption software. Find out what you need to know about these startling developments.


Thoughts, Links, & Digital Ephemera

Alongside full-sized posts, I also publish a lot of links each month to things I think are worth knowing. This happens mainly on Twitter, so I suggest you follow me at @dmaterialized for the latest. Many of them are also posted to my tumblr.

I hope you’ve enjoyed October as much as we have!


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