7 Trends to Watch in the Era of Overload

“Information is now the most abundant commodity on earth,” writes Graham Button, but “real wealth is owning your time. And ambition for that ownership lifts people out of poverty, creates a middle class, and drives innovation.”

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In a succinct and beautiful new post, branding strategist Graham Button lays out some fantastic observations on information overload– a topic near and dear to my heart, as the core of my Psych final thesis, among other things.

Life is sweet, but short. Time is all we’ve got, and there are only three things you can do with it. Surrender it to vital functions like eating and sleeping. Sell it as work. And give it to the people and things you choose. Real wealth is owning your time. And ambition for that ownership lifts people out of poverty, creates a middle class, and drives innovation. Information is the currency, and with good information you can eat better, sleep better, seek fulfillment, prosper, pursue your passions and live longer.

Among other things, Graham advocates the following:

  1. People crave certainty.

  2. While a lot of us (especially here on Appculture) are excited about the “new”, most people are afraid of massive change. An overall return to older, established and trusted brands is not hard to predict. Especially if info-overload becomes info-fatigue. Either way, it’s apparent that trust is a massive part of the new economy.

  3. Branded Content is a Dangerous Road.

  4. Facts are consumed recklessly in the era of mass information. When you attach your name to information, be aware of the responsibility you have.

  5. Bet on Humans Over Technology.

  6. Technology is affecting us, and a lot of it is negative. Be aware of its influences and what they’ve done to your way of thinking, living, loving and relaxing. And don’t let it get the best of you.

  7. If You Have Nothing to Say, Don’t.

  8. People talk too much. The more you can cut back on the “noise” and provide something really worth following, the happier your customers/followers/Friends will be. There’s already too much. (In fact, Graham points out that a team of Argentinians are trying to “reinvent forgetting” on the internet.circuitry

  9. Privacy is Becoming Pivotal – Take a Stand.

  10. Nothing is as significant these days as the ever-evolving standards we have for personal and professional privacy. From Facebook to Google to the US Government, everyone is changing the way they respect and modify these boundaries. Taking a stand is essential.

  11. Information Works For You, Not the Other Way Around.

    Your your constant multitasking is probably not the best way to relax; in fact, it may be hurting your chances. Use information to make good decisions. Don’t let information use you.
  12. Empower Your Intrapreneurs.

  13. The argument here is that business is fueled now by “intrapreneurs” – individuals with specialized information-gathering and high-level judgment skills who work on behalf of their organizations to negotiate, create, and manage on their own. It’s important to allow oversight, but it’s also important to allow that level of “crowdsourced” agility.

Overall, a well-written and provocative article — well worth reading in full. What do you think these trends mean for your startup, classroom, workplace, or lifestyle? Let me know in the comments!!

(via FastCo Design)

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