Appculture aims to be the definitive explorer of cutting-edge trends in software and human interface design, with a special focus on personal, mobile, data-driven touch technology. I am interested in the future of “intelligent tools”, along with the radical new interface paradigms they will bring to the table. I will primarily be examining highly-competent and superbly-designed technologies deployed on Apple’s iOS (iPhone/iPad) platform.  I do this for five reasons.


In contrast to pure app review sites, Appculture goes much further, focusing almost entirely on the “big picture”. I want to know the practices, the ideas, the actions, and the players that will define the future of mobile tech. I want to investigate how always-on culture can change us, has changed us, and will change us. I’m really not interested in the news of the day; I’m looking for the events that will matter twenty years from now. This probably just has a lot to do with how I think: I’m a writer and philosopher at heart, a mobile tech enthusiast second, and an Apple-certified ex-Genius third. Expect to see a whole lot of really cool stuff.

About Me

myme.jpgMy name’s DM. (Yes, that’s what people call me. Really.) I’ve been teaching and talking about Mac software for almost 10 years. In that time, I’ve become really fascinated with how software works– when real people use it. Why are certain apps intuitive? Why do others feel complex or difficult? Why does a website look fantastic but is impossible to buy from? With the rise of social networking, pervasive mobile technology and the unending “data deluge”, clear, intuitive design– design that cuts through the chatter and puts us in control– is more essential than ever before.

I’m definitely not a programmer: I’m not even trained as a designer. But I have a knack for seeing more than most people. I don’t deal in half-measures and evading the problem: I can tell you why your app sucks. If you want to know, that is.

I’m also good at explaining things like P2P to your grandmother, without being a jerk about it. (Actually, these days she might need the help.)

(It’s true– I was an Apple Genius. Not only that, I was one of the very best. Too bad.)

I’m also a writer (see also) and photographer– you can find my work here and on Flickr here. If you’re on Twitter, gimme a shout at @dmaterialized .

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