Datastream, week of 9.20.2010

The numbers that define your world. Datastream runs once weekly.
iFun. According to a recent study, 46% of Blackberry users have no games whatsoever on their phone: 51% of iPhone gamers have a whopping five or more. Guess we know who’s being more “productive”… ahem.

Web Democracy. There are just under 1.5 million Web users in Cuba, which doesn’t seem like much (it’s less than a tenth of the Cuban population). However, just nine years ago, Web access in Cuba was limited to less than two percent of its citizens.

Hello? More than fifty percent of the world– a staggering three billion people– have never made or received a telephone call.

App Overload. British teenagers with smartphones use an average of ten separate apps per day. In my own experience, I find I tend to use around 14, while most people I’ve asked have pegged their regular app usage at around 7. Anyone still doubting that we’re beginning the age of app culture? That being said, 76% of British teens don’t use the Web on their phones at all. There’s still plenty of room to grow.

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