Datastream, week of 9.27.2010

Sore thumbs. 29% of mobile phone using teenagers, and 8% of adults, send and receive over 100 text messages per day.

numbers.jpgCredit Check. Since the iTunes App Store’s introduction, it’s estimated that Apple has spent approximately 69 million dollars on credit card processing fees alone. If they spent one dollar in fees per second, it would take 26 months to pay it all.

That’s a lot of not making phone calls. In 2011, US mobile video game revenue is expected to top 1 billion (it’s currently at 850 million). That’s the amount of income tax paid annually in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Detroit and Philadelphia… combined.

Too Many Tools? Microsoft Word has the most features of any single application produced. Microsoft Word 2003 brought the total number of separate, top-level menu items to 270, the number of separate task panes to a staggering 50, and the number of toolbars to over 40. While everyone uses the application differently, it’s been generally agreed that no more than 12% of its functions are used by anyone.

Fun Fact. At any given time, 0.7% of the world population (just under 47 million people, or the entire population of England) are drunk.

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