Steve Jobs steps down

With the news that Steve Jobs has stepped down as CEO of Apple, the only thing most of us are wondering is, what’s next?

steve jobs

After all, few men can so drastically alter the world as Jobs has.

With an influence that spans eight industries–computer interface, mobile phones, web-connected mobile apps, retail strategy, music downloading, movie streaming, computer-generated filmmaking, and tablet computing– Steve’s vision for our world became one of America’s most meaningful contributions. As a leader, he was uncompromising; as a designer and futurist, he was unparalleled. And as someone who so radically shifted our expectations of technology, he was a real, live magician.

Love him or hate him, Jobs’ ideas pushed forward the most important technological developments of our time.

Without Steve Jobs, there would be no Microsoft Windows. No laptops. No wireless networking. No large-capacity, easy-to-use music players. No legal digital music downloads. No true mobile Web browsing. No touch-based tablets. No gestural navigation. No backlit keyboards. No App Stores, no high-end retail stores that boost local economy more than Tiffany’s… and certainly no proportional fonts. :)

The world was made a whole lot brighter by Steve, and, as a lifelong follower of the products he created, I know he’ll be remembered as one of the 20th and 21st century’s true geniuses. Not since Ford or Tesla has one person created so much with his life.

Fortunately, he’s still onboard as Director of Apple’s board, but things are coming to a close, and we all know it.

We’ll miss you, Steve.
Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

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