5 Reasons iPad 3 Is Bigger than You Think

Mar 07, 12 5 Reasons iPad 3 Is Bigger than You Think

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Today, to mounting anticipation, Apple took the wraps off its next iPad. In doing so, they’ve not only secured a future for their tablet baby, but they’ve pulled off something even bigger: they’ve singlehandedly shaped the future of information display. Despite the fact that this is “merely” the...

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Steve Jobs Has Passed Away

Oct 06, 11 Steve Jobs Has Passed Away

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This evening, Steve Jobs passed away surrounded by his family at the age of 56. He was many things to many people: to many of us, he is the reason for what we do and who we are. But, as is often the case, he was more things, to more people, than anyone can express. A sensitive soul Steve dedicated his life to bringing mankind the...

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Steve Jobs steps down

Aug 24, 11 Steve Jobs steps down

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With the news that Steve Jobs has stepped down as CEO of Apple, the only thing most of us are wondering is, what’s next? After all, few men can so drastically alter the world as Jobs has. With an influence that spans eight industries–computer interface, mobile phones, web-connected mobile apps, retail strategy, music...

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6 Reasons iCloud Really Is the End of the PC

Jun 07, 11 6 Reasons iCloud Really Is the End of the PC

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Today, Apple showed off features of their iCloud project– an online sync engine that puts your photos, calendars, app data and documents on every one of your devices. While no part of this was totally unexpected, it’s the sum of these parts that matters. 1. It’s safe. In fact, it’s safer than your...

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Why the Mac App Store Matters

Oct 20, 10 Why the Mac App Store Matters

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Today, Apple announced that they would no longer make computers. Well, not exactly. In fact, they just announced the new Air.  (Which, incidentally, is pretty awesome.) But if there was any doubt as to where Apple is headed, it’s become crystal clear. Computers are meant to be appliances. But whether this will...

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The CD is dead, says iTunes 10

Sep 02, 10 The CD is dead, says iTunes 10

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What was the first CD you bought? Do you still have it? When I was abruptly separated from all my possessions–and my home– in the wake of September 11th, I had with me a single CD I had chosen, basically at random, to accompany me on that first day of high school. Of course, I couldn’t have predicted that...

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