Malaria? Just another app on your Mosquito™

Jan 18, 11 Malaria? Just another app on your Mosquito™

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Microsoft Research has a new patent that’s sure to get people buzzing. (I had to.) The patent involves reverse-engineering the dangerous viruses commonly carried by insects and using those same insects to spread “good” or antidotal versions of the virus. The beauty of this is that the same successful disease...

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Location Services will erode trust, smash hierarchy, and change the world

Oct 14, 10 Location Services will erode trust, smash hierarchy, and change the world

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“Where are you?” Such a simple question. The raison d’etre of cell phones. And a question that will define the century. Location services are here to stay, and they will irrevocably change both the physical and psychological terrain of our planet. They will come to represent the apex of algorithmic...

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Datastream, Week of 10.4.2010

Oct 04, 10 Datastream, Week of 10.4.2010

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Make Money From Home. If you were paid $1 each time an article was posted on wikipedia, you would command $157 an hour for an annual income of $301,440 — assuming you don’t work overtime! Junk Pile. 248 billion emails were sent today, and it’s estimated that 98% of them are spam. Money Well Spent....

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It’s 2010. Nothing’s secret anymore.

Sep 30, 10 It’s 2010. Nothing’s secret anymore.

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Remember when companies was afraid of “bugs” in their offices? When wiretapping was an accepted paranoia? (Uhh… depending on your line of work.) Wasn’t it nice how the Web rolled around and gave us real, personal privacy? Encryption, spoofing, false trails, redirects– all these wonderful...

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Datastream, week of 9.27.2010

Sep 27, 10 Datastream, week of 9.27.2010

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Sore thumbs. 29% of mobile phone using teenagers, and 8% of adults, send and receive over 100 text messages per day. Credit Check. Since the iTunes App Store’s introduction, it’s estimated that Apple has spent approximately 69 million dollars on credit card processing fees alone. If they spent one dollar in fees per...

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Datastream, week of 9.20.2010

Sep 20, 10 Datastream, week of 9.20.2010

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The numbers that define your world. Datastream runs once weekly. iFun. According to a recent study, 46% of Blackberry users have no games whatsoever on their phone: 51% of iPhone gamers have a whopping five or more. Guess we know who’s being more “productive”… ahem. Web Democracy. There are just under 1.5...

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Datastream, week of 9.13.2010

Sep 13, 10 Datastream, week of 9.13.2010

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Bestseller. Amazon recently announced that they’ve hit a “tipping point” in hardcover book sales. For every 100 hardcover books they sell, package and ship, Amazon is now selling 180 Kindle eBooks.     As the world’s largest eBook seller, Amazon now has Name Your Link available. A staggering...

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Datastream, Week of 9.6.2010

Sep 06, 10 Datastream, Week of 9.6.2010

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(The staggering numbers that define your world. Datastream runs once a week.) Zetta! The digital universe is set to expand 44x in the next ten years, but before it does that, we’re on track to hit 1.2 zettabytes — that’s one million, two hundred thousand petabytes — by the end of the year.  A petabyte,...

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Google’s Infuriating Move

Aug 22, 10 Google’s Infuriating Move

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Google recently edged towards a reversal of its longstanding position on the topic of Net Neutrality, sparking new debate on the power and reach of the world’s largest data center. From the beginning, Google has stated that their corporate motto is “don’t be evil”. However, their recent activities have shown...

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