MUST-SEE: A Radical Vision of the Desktop’s Future

Sep 23, 10 MUST-SEE: A Radical Vision of the Desktop’s Future

Posted by in Futurism

We talk a lot about mobile technology here, but what’s in the cards for desktop computing? After all, a touchscreen desktop makes no sense. Who’d want to stand there all day with their hand in the air? Ouch. Something radically different has to be done to bridge the gap between “app culture”, with all...

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Google’s Infuriating Move

Aug 22, 10 Google’s Infuriating Move

Posted by in Futurism, News, Online

Google recently edged towards a reversal of its longstanding position on the topic of Net Neutrality, sparking new debate on the power and reach of the world’s largest data center. From the beginning, Google has stated that their corporate motto is “don’t be evil”. However, their recent activities have shown...

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Why iPhone/iPad Apps Show Us The Future

Aug 18, 10 Why iPhone/iPad Apps Show Us The Future

Posted by in Futurism, iPhone

Why do we here at Appculture focus only on iPhone/iPad apps? Why do we ignore the millions of Android and Blackberry users out there? Because iPhone apps are better. I mean it. There are five simple reasons why I believe iOS apps, and the App Store, matter more to the long-term progress of mobile software.   1. Phone apps...

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