Exclusive: Clayton Miller on Interface Design

Jun 16, 11 Exclusive: Clayton Miller on Interface Design

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A while back, many of us in the UI/UX world were blown away by a concept video called “10/GUI”. Predating the iPad and all other large-scale multitouch displays, interface designer Clayton Miller discussed a completely new method of integrating touchscreen on the desktop: a UI designed around gestures that kept some of...

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The Appculture Ten-Week Report

Nov 07, 10 The Appculture Ten-Week Report

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Wow. It’s been a full ten weeks since Appculture began. Doesn’t seem like very long, especially since so much has happened! But there’s still a long way to go before Appculture can become the de-facto resource for mobile technology, design and culture. But we’re going to get there! And you can help — by...

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7 Trends to Watch in the Era of Overload

Oct 04, 10 7 Trends to Watch in the Era of Overload

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“Information is now the most abundant commodity on earth,” writes Graham Button, but “real wealth is owning your time. And ambition for that ownership lifts people out of poverty, creates a middle class, and drives innovation.” In a succinct and beautiful new post, branding strategist Graham Button lays out...

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