Amazon: You Wanna Buy Something. Trust Us.

Nov 05, 10 Amazon: You Wanna Buy Something. Trust Us.

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Amazon’s new Windowshop app for iPad fills a need I didn’t know existed: “I have all this disposable income and no idea what i should buy online.” (Part of me wants to say something snarky in response, but, sadly, I think most of us can relate to this– at least in a physical store.) In...

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Why Twitter Just Rewrote the Rules

Sep 04, 10 Why Twitter Just Rewrote the Rules

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  Twitter just dropped a bomb. After months of waiting, they’ve quietly released their iPad app, featuring the most brilliant and radical new interface design in years. It single-handedly changes the course of information design for a touchscreen– maybe forever. And it may be the most innovative touch-based...

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Google’s Infuriating Move

Aug 22, 10 Google’s Infuriating Move

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Google recently edged towards a reversal of its longstanding position on the topic of Net Neutrality, sparking new debate on the power and reach of the world’s largest data center. From the beginning, Google has stated that their corporate motto is “don’t be evil”. However, their recent activities have shown...

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