Malaria? Just another app on your Mosquito™

Jan 18, 11 Malaria? Just another app on your Mosquito™

Posted by in Futurism, News

Microsoft Research has a new patent that’s sure to get people buzzing. (I had to.) The patent involves reverse-engineering the dangerous viruses commonly carried by insects and using those same insects to spread “good” or antidotal versions of the virus. The beauty of this is that the same successful disease...

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Google’s Infuriating Move

Aug 22, 10 Google’s Infuriating Move

Posted by in Futurism, News, Online

Google recently edged towards a reversal of its longstanding position on the topic of Net Neutrality, sparking new debate on the power and reach of the world’s largest data center. From the beginning, Google has stated that their corporate motto is “don’t be evil”. However, their recent activities have shown...

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