The Appculture Ten-Week Report

Nov 07, 10 The Appculture Ten-Week Report

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Wow. It’s been a full ten weeks since Appculture began. Doesn’t seem like very long, especially since so much has happened! But there’s still a long way to go before Appculture can become the de-facto resource for mobile technology, design and culture. But we’re going to get there! And you can help — by...

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How to Blog on iPad effectively – advice from the trenches

Sep 10, 10 How to Blog on iPad effectively – advice from the trenches

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Ever since I first saw the iPad, I thought it would be the perfect blogging companion. Imagine having a full-service mobile workstation that lasts for days on a charge, weigh under two pounds WITH a keyboard, and have all the polish and possibility of an “iPhone for two hands”. A mere five years ago this kind of power...

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A Brief Pause

I’ll be taking a short trip up to my old college campus for a few days, so posting at Appculture may be a little more sporadic. However, I’m actively working on several stories and plan to post them within about three days, so hang on! In the meantime, how about giving your eyes a break from reading? Check out some of...

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Welcome to Appculture!

Aug 13, 10 Welcome to Appculture!

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Welcome to appculture: a celebration of superb software design. Here you’ll find app reviews, iPhone & iPad tips and tricks, (occasional) Mac software news, cool cloud apps from across the Web, and ruminations on the mobile lifestyle. Appculture explores mobile, Web-based technology and its effects on human culture around...

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