The Appculture Ten-Week Report

Nov 07, 10 The Appculture Ten-Week Report

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Wow. It’s been a full ten weeks since Appculture began. Doesn’t seem like very long, especially since so much has happened! But there’s still a long way to go before Appculture can become the de-facto resource for mobile technology, design and culture. But we’re going to get there! And you can help — by...

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Datastream, week of 9.27.2010

Sep 27, 10 Datastream, week of 9.27.2010

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Sore thumbs. 29% of mobile phone using teenagers, and 8% of adults, send and receive over 100 text messages per day. Credit Check. Since the iTunes App Store’s introduction, it’s estimated that Apple has spent approximately 69 million dollars on credit card processing fees alone. If they spent one dollar in fees per...

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Datastream, week of 9.13.2010

Sep 13, 10 Datastream, week of 9.13.2010

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Bestseller. Amazon recently announced that they’ve hit a “tipping point” in hardcover book sales. For every 100 hardcover books they sell, package and ship, Amazon is now selling 180 Kindle eBooks.     As the world’s largest eBook seller, Amazon now has Name Your Link available. A staggering...

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